At first this is not actually a hack. I found it accidentally as their website is full of bugs Smile with tongue out .

And proceed in your own risk.

Step 1: Hope their server is up and running as their server always crashes. If the website is responding well now it’s time to move to the step 2.

Step 2: At first, do not use IE. Use Mozilla or any other browser. My preference is Chrome as it is least compatible with the site. As for IE u will be stuck in full screen mode.

Step 3: Download some software to capture screenshot easily. I used the inbuilt Snipping Tool provided with windows 7.\

Step 4: Login at the time u booked your slot.

Step 5: Browse through the questions and take screenshot of every question and answers. There are 14 Questions so it would not be a problem, takes only 4-5minutes depending on your speed and save all screenshots in a quickly accessible folder.

Step 6: Now disconnect and reconnect your internet connection and try to change the current question or change the section. Now u will be prompted informing you that your session has expired. Now you are done. Take your time and solve the questions one by one but remember to login before your time runs out.

Time Work to be done
7.00 Slot time starts login
7.05 u saved all questions and closed your session
7.50 login and get 50 minute more
8.00 Actual test finis time
8.50 Your test finishes at this time

Now you see you actually got more then 90minutes for your test.

Another Piece of Advice: Try to book slots at the same time your friends booked. The main advantage is your questions will be same just change of digits and you know how to distribute workload Winking smile


681 thoughts on “TCS IGNITE OPEN TEST HACK

  1. are you sure this will work? because, i’m having my tcs ignite exam tomorrow, and i don’t want to take any chance……! i’m not doubting you, its a great work you’ve done….!

    • YES, this worked for two of my friends also and don’t hesitate as u can retake the exam booking another slot on same day or another day.. so if u get bad marks then u can take the test again. I took 3times today .. 12pm , 2pm helped two friends at 4pm then again at 6pm 😛 … u can retake as long as there are slots available 🙂 😀

    • Try it. Cz i also faced the session expired msg and after login again i got extra time. Cz session will expired if you idle on that page, but you will be prompted only then when you will try to do somthing on the expired session. So the time from when your session is expired you will not loss that. So make your session expired and got benefit of that. Though it should not be in a good website. But TCS forgot to do that or may be failed to do that. 😛 😛

  2. @mepragyan i have selected for TCS ignite final round interview…..they have send me an interview card….can you please tell me how many rounds are there in ignite final round interview????is there only technical and HR?or other rounds like GD???they have given me a date which is 27/04/2012….so if you tell me about their process then i will be very helpful for me….please reply…thanks in advanced….

    • Me too selected for 26th and have to go to Rajarhat 😀 . I have no idea about the rounds cause this is my first interview too. But I think there would be at least two rounds one is Technical and other is HR. No Idea about GD as many IT companies recruiting for development and testing don’t have GD Round.

  3. i have my interview on 9th may …so may u please post info about ur experience …like what kind of question n rounds were there…please reply …thanks,….and best of luck all 4 there interview…

    • it depends.. there will be two rounds technical and HR.. I faced my interview in Guwahati..where they didnt asked any tech questions… jst they asked HR questions.. so go and gv ur best.. the selection will be based on the basis of mrks obtained in open test… so best of luck….

  4. hey i have interview on 10th may 2012,those who have already attended the interview pls share ur experience ,it would be helpful for me

  5. My interview went well. The TCS guys were very helpful. There was 2 rounds at first Technical where i was asked various questions about C,C++,OS, DBMS. Then there were HR round. HR asked me about my hobbies, blogs etc. It was a like a discussion rather than formal interview.

    • Interview card for open ignite is come for me….

      My interview date is cming 25

      Please tell me about more experience…..

      Which area they are mostly expected ?

      Only languages is enough or they h/w network and…so on.

      This is the one of the elimination round or not

  6. mepragyan: can you help on the technical round please and what about the joinings ? When are you getting it ?

    • I don’t know if i am selected. I think they will inform after all interview finishes. Actually i have peeped into one technical hr’s pc when he went to drink water. The whole process is online and all assesments/marks are submitted to ignite website. So i think this is kind of large entrance test and no seat qouta in specific zone. People will be automatically selected by total marks. And they are also checking marks of board xams. So, i think there are also few marks upon results in 10, 10+2 and graduation.

      And yes the interview is the elimination round. There is no written test but the hr may give u blank sheet and u may get asked to write code segment or do some maths. But the interview is easier than the open test. They just want to test ur fundamental concepts upon your stream.

      • Hi pragyan mine interview date is 15th may what type of question they asked in HR round and how many time they take in TR & HR round

  7. hey guys.. dnt ask for experiences.. coz it depends upon the interviewer.. In guwahati not a single question was asked from technical Hr.. whereas In kolkata there was a bunch of tough techinical questions.. so jst prepare urself…. they will just look at ur analytical skilss… i,e ur open test marks…..
    if u got more then 8 in ur open test… u have lots of chance of being selected…. I had aleady faced my interview in Guwahati and my friends faced it in kolkata.. so I know the proper and the best info… hope we all get selected and best of luck to all….:)

  8. hi guyz i got my interview card for tcs interview which is commence on 24th may,
    anyone can attend this interview plz help me..
    How many rounds are there?
    what are they?
    what kind of questions ask in interview?
    how can i prepare for this interview ?
    plz help me….

    i’m awaiting for answers…………. plz help me…………..

  9. @mepragyan have any one of you received a mail from TCS which mentioned that 27TH may is the last date for submit open challenge phase 1 and phase 2??actually i have already submitted that before interview so i became little confused after receiving that….please help….

    If anyone of you received the same then help me….thank you.

    • Read ur email properly i got mail from tcs about complete the kick-off challenge in openlab and its mendatory.
      the phase 1&2 r optional

      • Hey have you got the result…..i have not received yet..whenever i am trying check my status it shows that your application is being processed.please continue check your mail for further details….

        Does it mean that i am not selected…??Have any one of you got the same message?Please reply…….

    • that I cleared all the steps of open challenge and Hr will contact me soon…. they published top 500 result remaining list are yet to be published

      • Bijay is this message u also got.. if so do reply me coz am in a big confusion that am i selected or not.. message is as follows

        Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the steps in the TCS Ignite Open Challenge.
        The TCS HR team will get in touch with you shortly.
        We are pleased to invite you to join the Pre-Ignite orientation process.
        As a first step, please login at with your Open Challenge credentials.

        I got this when i checked my application status..

  10. can anyone plz tell me wheather in tcs ignite they will give us job or its only a training program….plz reply

  11. Hey guys, rslts are declard or yet to come,coz whenever i chk my status, it is in process. Does that mean i m rejected. Plz anybody havng any idea regarding this plz rply soon

  12. i too got selected n got a confirmation u guyz hv ne idea hw much they r goin 2 pay n whn will they allow u 2 persue MCA??i heard dat der s a bond f 2 years n after that we r free 2 persue MCA from SASTRA university….

  13. could any Body assis me about the online test . i mean to say what is dificulty level of the qustion in paper, is there any negative marking also have ? also suggest when i should Book my test and after booking my test how much time i will get to prepare ?

  14. I just want to ask that i hd given the tcs exam once,..and got negative marks , hw many test are there and just help me give some tips to attempt the tests, u have said to take snapshots of questions will it works??

  15. hello i just apeard for the open ignite online test on 29th nov 2019 n got a score of 9… nothing else iz shown…plz tell me how will i know if i got selected for the next round…havnt gt any mail yet… m tensed

  16. hello i just apeard for the open ignite online test on 29th nov 2010 n got a score of 9… nothing else iz shown…plz tell me how will i know if i got selected for the next round…havnt gt any mail yet… m tensed

  17. @Sunfiya, Can you please share your kick of challenge solved paper. You might add me in your team. Date is extended till 15th march

  18. can some1 provide me with me solution to the algorithm (phase 2) challenge 2nd part…or plez tell me to which famous algo is itr related

  19. frnds what r the interview date in your respective cities??plez reply…. mine is 5th(gurgaon) i want to get my location changed as i have graduation exam. it is possible??

      • hello,
        wat was ur interview location??
        how was the interview. what (all)technical,non-technical lquestion\s were asked??
        any special ques. regarding any of ur drawbacks??
        when will they declare the results??
        any salary negotiations??

        plez reply here asap..or mail mail me on

        I’ll be thankful to u!!!

  20. My interview is there on 18th may…..Guys plz help me!!! what kind of questions they ask??Which rounds are there???

    • hello,
      wat was ur interview location??
      how was the interview. what (all)technical,non-technical lquestion\s were asked??
      any special ques. regarding any of ur drawbacks??
      when will they declare the results??
      any salary negotiations??

      plez reply here asap..or mail mail me on

      I’ll be thankful to u!!!

  21. i got mail from TCS for interview….can someone tell me as to what to prepare for it ??? does any one know which all rounds would it consist of ???

    • hello,
      wat was ur interview location??
      how was the interview. what (all)technical,non-technical lquestion\s were asked??
      any special ques. regarding any of ur drawbacks??
      when will they declare the results??
      any salary negotiations??

      plez reply here asap..or mail mail me on

      I’ll be thankful to u!!!

  22. hello guys,

    how is the interview. what (all)technical,non-technical lquestion\s r asked??
    any special ques. regarding any of ur drawbacks??
    when rdeclare the results declared??
    any salary negotiations??

    plez reply here asap..or mail mail me on

    I’ll be thankful to u!!!

  23. Hi friends i am having my interview on 7th June,please give some tips,and one more thing:r u all got selected or what happen please respond bcaz im under confussion

    • Hey Swati … All d best for ur interview.. Mine is on 10th of june in kolkata. There are just two rounds – Technical and HR as far as i know.. Me too a bit tensed. Dunno wats gonna happen on 10th. I am preparing with just my basics.. Try to remain cool and u will surely crack.. Hope 9th and 10th goes rocking for all of us 🙂

  24. Hi guyz.. I have an interview on 5th june.. plz give some suggestions for me.. but i didn’t finished any one of the open challenge….

  25. Hi guyz.. I have an interview on 5th june.. plz give some suggestions for me.. but i didn’t finished any one of the open challenge….

    • Same here…I too have an interview on 5th june and didnt submit the open challenge challenge is not don’t worry.

    • Hi friends,all the best for ur interview.I am from Coimbatore,I received my interview card on 26th of may.Try to any positivly,ur English communication should be good,im having some personal experience abt that.

  26. @siva : Heard there will be two rounds..technical and HR …My interview location is chennai one..thoraipakkam….what about yours?

      • is open lab challenge compulsory? i haven’t submitted any of those..will it be a problem?

      • they may ask you from os and dbms be prepared…If they tell you to write the program in C or C++ you have to write better be prepared well…

    • I have not submitted any open lab challenge bt they are asking for a hard copy of the same…wt to do..??plz hlp..

      • Hi guys,i too dnt have open challenge hard copy,I spoke wit HR she asks to solve the open challenge again and asks to bring for an interview,And my advice is,”if HR ask u to write a program in c or c++,just tell them’I am feeling comfortable in Java or what ever language u feel comfortable’ they want u to speak openly,here they can see ur confident level.surely they will appreciate you.also pls share ur experience,.ALL THE BEST MY FRIENDS,my interview is on 7th June at Coimbatore,.

      • Guys my Interview was there on 18th may.It went good.TCS ppl are very friendly.Just b confident and njoy it!!! ALL THE BEST frendz!!!

  27. Guys they are telling to write programs..they are asking questions based on your stream..and open lab challenge need to be submitted after the interview..but not compulsory to carry for the interview…

      • They asked me to write a program to print 1st 10numbers in C, C++, and java..its important to note that they asked these in HR round…In technical round they asked from theories like OS,DBMS then purpose oracle and so on…So better go well prepared and read all your major subjects basics..An practice some programs..they even tell you to explain the programs that you have written…

  28. I’ve from BCS
    the weird thing about interview was dat the HR guy asked me those few questions and in tech interview the did not even asked me a single question regarding my field……and later on when i asked my friend who had interview later on said that the tech interview guy screwed him up

    I guess I was lucky :p

  29. Please tell me after how many days the result will declared???.. Today I went for my interview. The location was Kolkata. Please reply.

    • Arjitha:I am also looking for my result date.I send an email to Chennai.gnite,but they dnt reply.I think it will declare within this was ur interview?hav u answered all the question?I didn’t answer for two tech questions,i think i wont get select.

    • I also had my interview today..same location ..kolkata.. as far as i’ve heard results will be out within 3 weeks..

  30. Thanks for your reply. I am very tensed. My interview was good. I answered all questions. Please guys you tell me that r u from btech??

    • me too tensed.. I am from BCA. and all the other students who were present in the interview session were either from BCA, BCS or BSc. I, remember there was only 1 girl who was from B-tech. And yea do inform us in this grup if u get any sort of email from TCS.. Gud Luck.

  31. Hello all.. I gave my interview on 10th of June. It was so so.But it was a fantastic interview experience for me. Me tensed.. How u all gave ur interviews? Do share ur experiences. I wish all of u All the Best. And I sincerely request all of u to kindly notify this group if anybody gets any sort of email from the IGNITE team.

  32. Is there anybody waiting for the results who had attended the Interview in
    PSG college of Technology…Coimbatore TamilNadu…

  33. Hi amar,I am senthil,I gave my interview in psg tech coimbatore.I wont get select becaz i didnt answerd properly.If u got any mail temme.I am waiting for others results.

  34. Guys…I’ve received a mail from indicating the Interview process again….When i called to TCS care She said Its a Fake Mail…And the Body of the Mail is

    Based on the information provided by you on our career portal, we would like to invite you for TCS selection process on 22-JUN-2013.
    Following are the details of the venue where the Recruitment drive would be conducted. You are requested to report at the venue at 09:00 AM. You can download your Hall Ticket from .

    • I too got the same mail from TCS….


      Based on the information provided by you on our career portal, we would like to invite you for TCS selection process on 22-JUN-2013.
      Following are the details of the venue where the Recruitment drive would be conducted. You are requested to report at the venue at 09:00 AM. You can download your Hall Ticket from . Please login using your DT reference ID and Password. Click Hall Ticket and download the same

      • .Its a Direct Recruitment and We Guys are Not eligible for that its Mandatory that we shouldn’t attend any TCS Interview for past Six Months….But We have attend our Ignite Interview…So we are Not eligible….

      • I’m from Coimbatore..Its a Direct Recruitment and We Guys are Not eligible for that its Mandatory that we shouldn’t attend any TCS Interview for past Six Months….But We have attend our Ignite Interview…So we are Not eligible…..

  35. the selection process will take time…Results will be announced in last week June or first week of July only through mails!!!

    • till now i am not received any mail from tcs…………… but many of friend from bhubaneswar those who got selected also not selected they got mail yesterday………

  36. I received a congratulation email from the team ignite on this Saturday that I have completed all the steps of the IGnite process but it is not the result.I mean the candidates who will be selected will receive a separate email . And i dont think i will be selected coz my interview was not so good.,. 😦 In my email it was stated that the offer letter generation is still in process. I don’t knw wats gonna happen.. probably they will publish the result soon and will intimate the selected candidates via email. me tensed,.. if any one of u get any sort of email please let us knw.. Till then let us keep our fingers crossed… Wish good luck to all of u..

  37. i think many people got congratulation email………i thing they got selected………
    i thing this is first phase of result…….. they are very soon get there offer letter…………….i am very confused am i selected or not…… is difficult for me wait monday…… because tomorrow is holiday

  38. Guys..dnt cnfuse others too…selections can b cnfirmd only after receiving offer letter frm TCS…..jus a cngratz mail is not a part of selection process…No 1 hadn’t receivd offer letters.. So jus chill out

    • xactly Amar.. U said it right.. Dats wat am trying to say..Congratulation mail just means dat one has completed all the steps of Ignite and it doesnt ensures selection. A mail containing offer letter will ensure the same, which, i guess, no one yet recvd.. Wish good luck to all of u.. may all of us get the offer letter. 😀 😀

  39. hi friends……… till now i didnt got even single mail from tcs.. i lost my hope….. congrats for al who got selected….

  40. F******g TCS…..Still now i dint get any mails from TCS..If i am not selected plz inform..i will not wait…All are F******S

      • No actually my last status is application received. But before three days I got a phone call from TCS. She said me that I am selected. I will get my offer letter and it is in process. So I am confused. That is why I am asking.

  41. @Arijita: was this the no. from which you got tha call 044-6616-8497 ??? bcause on friday around 10 in the morning i also got a call from this no. but i could not reciev the phone. do you have any idea that what was it regarding?? bcoz i didnt receive any mail frm tcs.

    • my status is also application received.. Till now I didn’t receive any mail from TCS. But I just got a phone from TCS. They just told me that I am selected. And I will receive my offer letter after some days. That’s all.

  42. They said that i m selected, but due some technical prob. they couldn’t able to send offer letter….@Mit

    • @Lizalin: did u ask that how much time it will take to send offer lettr to you?? i hv also got call from 04466168497 on friday, but i could nt receive the call. i m very tensd that for what purpose this was…..pls help me out….

      • @Rahul: They said that keep checking mails & DT reference id .. they will send you….

  43. They said dat i m selected, but due to some technical prob. they couldn’t able to send offer letter…@Mit

  44. @lizalin didi aap na apna pan card, passport or wo NSR or baaki documents ready kardo…mera sab kuch hogaya he bas pan card ka wait kar rahi hu…

      • thank u riya…@riya…nd @siya she said they have already shortlisted 700 ppl…500 for july batch..keep checking ur DT …there are total 9 batches n she is in 5th…If ur status of application is received then they will send u offer letter…But still confirm it….

      • its national skill registry…i dont know much bout it but in dat office they will take ur fingrprints and register in the tcs site…it is dem who will check our background details whether we are atankwadi or not.hehehe…

      • @mit hey i dont know whether its true or not i only said what HR told me while taking my interview…he just said among 9 batches m in 5th…so dnt knw wat does dat mean..and congo if ur batched then soon u’ll get ur offer…:) 🙂

      • hey guys today I received one mail from freshers.recruitment regarding interview nd then again I got mail from Tcs saying that your offer is in process ,ignore that mail….nd my DT status is batched …what does it mean??

  45. @rahul dnt panic esa mere saath bohut pehle hua tha unka call aya tha mujhe april me ek bar or may me 2 bar but mujhe laga k customer care he isiliye mene kat dia tha patahe…lol….so dnt worry bout dat….keep checking ur DT mail coz mera offer letter usime aya tha…they said k mail me ayega…but no mail me nei aata…offer letter accept karne k baad mail ata he…so tension mat lo and keepchecking the DT mail coz offer letter ka validity 7days hota he agr accept nei kia to wo automatically reject hojaega…thank god k 4day me mene Dt mail check kia else mera offer letter jata mere haath se…q k me khali mail k liye wait kar rahi thi…so dnt worry everything will b fine….:)

    • @Riya: thanks a lot…but i dont know that how to check it on, because whenevr i check my application status it shows 3 rows filled and 2 rows blank, and status of last row is application received….pls tell me that where i should check it that i have got offer lettr or not??? also tell me that when and where your intrview took placed nd when u got ypur offer lattr?

  46. are application recieve hochuka he to fir uske baad tumhe batch kia jayega…matlb konse batch me tumhe dalenge…fir hr approve hoke offer letter ayega…par jese liza di bole k unhe call aya tha or tum v bole k tumhe v call aya tha den dnt wory sab hojaega…or haan jahan pe wo track my app and application form hota he na wohi pe hi matlb leftside k column me hi ayega offer letter.fir uspeclick karke download karna nei sorry accept karna pehle fir download karna…jab me hr se baat kar rahi thi tab wo bole k 9 batches he or mujhe 5th batch me dala gaya he…mera kolkata me interview tha and 10th june ko tha…fir 21st ko offer letter agaya…jab ek or mail aya tha interview k liye usidin aya tha..sab bole k wo mail fake he par jab mene pata lagay to pata chala k wo fake nei tha balke jo trainee ko padhaenge unke liye tha in short teachership k liye tha….fir mene socha k me khud to kuch nei padhti dusro kokya padhau so mene attend nei kia…mebohut bolti hu na…pura composition likh dia..newez itna hi bolna tha…best of luck hope for d best…agar nei v aya to dont worry january batch me hoga…q k 500 candidates july batch me jaenge par av jab mene poll dekha to 700 cross kar chuka he to wo log to jan batch me jaenge…n yes ye v he k jiska joining letter 1st week of july me ayega wo log 3rd week me join karenge or agr nei aya to wo jan batch me join karenge…hope k tumhare sare sawaal ka jawab mene de dia….so dnt get confuse…just chillax….(chill n relax) 🙂

  47. @siva sorry i didnt knew dat u dnt understand hindi….ne wez never mind i said rahul dat if he had got a call frm chennai Tcs den nothing to worry bout dat..n he said dat he missed a call frm dem so i said dat even i had also missed d call frm dem n dat to 3 times thinking dat it is customer wez my point is not dat m trying to say dat dont get confused bout d offer letter if dey said dat ur selected den dont worry u’ll definately get ur offer letter.i hav got my offer letter but dat doesn’t ensure dat m selected in d july batch…they hav said dat if ne one got their joining letter in first week of july den they would hav to join in 3rd we know dat in one batch they will hav only 500 candidates but when i saw their poll i was surprised as the poll had crossed apart from 500 the rest would definately be in d next batch…right???so dnt worry bout d offer letter if ur selected…n always check ur campus portal along wid ur mail i’ll also suggest to check even ur spam folder.i got my offer in d campus portal so alwez check everything and dat to everyday.

  48. hey guys today I received one mail from freshers.recruitment regarding interview nd then again I got mail from Tcs saying that your offer is in process ,ignore that mail….nd my DT status is batched …what does it mean??

  49. i am from chennai …..i attended the interview on 3.6.2013 …i didnt get any offer letter…but my frnd who attended with me on same date got offer letter.. what do u meant by that i am in waiting list or i am rejected

  50. i just hope we all be in the same batch….i got my sample of service agreement and dress code guidelines….guys i dont know who is elder to me and who is of my age but still those who are elder to me plzz dont scold me if i do ne nonsense ok…m alone from my college 😦 and m 2013 passout…so plzzzz koi mere pe chillana mat ok…mere ansu hamesha bahar ane k liye betab hote he….

      • if u dont mind can i hav ur contact number or ur fb account name i hav thousand doubts in my mind….plzzzzzzzzzzzzz….my brother is in TCS but Btech wale… he couldnt sort out my probs…..

      • HR is saying that the rest of the results will be declared till end of this month,, so, don’t worry guys,, we have to wait a little more,,,

      • @Surya:Can u pls tell that how much time it’ll take to declare the complete result, and when the result of January batch will be declared? i am asking this to you because you said that you were been through it and I have seen your posts on this page when TCS ignite 2012 selection was going on. So you must have idea about this. Pls help.

      • @rahul : i would just say keep checking your mails for that….they keep sending mails…and if you have got the offer letter, need not to worry….

  51. aap mujhse bade ho????kher selected kitne hue he i dnt knw….bas poll me itna dikhata he k july batch me join karne k liye 958 candidates yes bole he,36 candidates i hav not decided bole he or 8 candidates no bole he…bas or kuch nei dikhata…

  52. Hey guys i got a call from +9144161591 at the morning of 28th June, they were asking about percentage of marks in 10th, +2 and BCA and also year of passing,, but the matter is i got another call from the same number at about 2:30 pm and unfortunately i was talking to someone at that time and the call was disconnected,, i tried to call that number but they never received it,,i think incoming is not available on that number :P,, i have not received any mail yet,, and my application status says that “it is in process keep checking your mail” what actually i should do,,?? i have sent a mail about this to but got no reply,, 😦 it is really pain in ass,,, is there anyone else facing this kind of situation?? my interview was at Bhubaneswar center,,

  53. hello amit i also attend my interview at 8th may . but i donot any mail or call from application status says that “it is in process keep checking your mail”
    i face same problem. idonot know am i selected,,,,,,,,

    • just hope they will send something with a clear idea about selection or rejection,, i think we don’t have a second option,,

      you know what,, i have 59th rank in OJEE for MCA but just because of this slow motion selection process of TCs i am confused about whether i should take admission in MCA or keep waiting,, :/

      • I saw that pole ….almost 958 ppl said yes for July…10 ppl said no and 32 ppl said Not decided yet

      • i face same problem. i call him twice……..but its dificult for me to understand ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yar

      • @ mit i think 1000 people got selected…………. u have any idea that tcs takes how much students………………

      • i think they take 1000 students in 1 batch,, so even if we are selected,,, we will have to wait for the second batch in Jan,, 😦
        and try to call Debayan with some other number,, if he is in mood, surly will suggest something useful,, and he is from Kolkata,, 😀 i will also try to call him and let you know if i found something useful,,

      • If so many students are already selected from 1000 student…then what should i take it as …. i got call from tcs saying that complete ur application for offer letter even though it was filled…m really tensed now 😦

  54. why u call this person that mensoned his name at our admit card
    Contact Person : Debayan Chandra
    Contact Number : 8939162882

    • every group have a HR who is there to help you if you have any kind of difficulty in selection process,, i have called him many times, he always keeps saying to send a mail to chennai.ig… , and yes, this guy have some problem with his mobiles speaker,, sometimes it is very difficult to understand what he is saying,,

      you should call him about this issue,,

  55. Actually my one friend is a MCA final year student and he is selected But he also have not received any mail from TCS ignite. That is why I am asking.

  56. anyone from pune or does anyone has friends in pune who got offer letter?
    coz no one here whom I know has recieved the offer letter until now
    plz reply

    • Hi frnds,my friend is doing MCA in sastra university,he said all the students who attented interview will get their offer letter,what ever u r saying 1000 students or 500 students are one batch is wrong,They ll select the students onnly by ignite rank.Hope for the best.Good luck

  57. @ Amar i havent got my joining letter yaar…but i have got ol the copies of paper works and everything given in the announcement.i was seeing the Tcs ignite joinee page in fb n was surprised to know that some candidates havent got their offer letter but directly got their joining…..was that a miracle or the mistake of the employees i dont know…..sara josh chala gaya uske baad….dmag v kaam nei karraha he…

    • @Riya: hey.. U knw yesterday I got to know that one of the candidate got her joining letter and the email got dropped in her spam box.. She dint checked it so long and she got to knw yesterday that her joining is on 19th. So pls keep checking ur spam box too. u never knw when and where the email would drop.. IF u dont get , dont worry, they will surely send u the joining letter.. All the best.. 🙂 🙂

  58. @shayak hav u got ur joining????in next step my last line is ilp eligible m seeing dat same thing frm june 24….and my brain bcoms clumzy wen i see PEO site.i hav send thousand mails to chennai ignite but its of no vain none of my mails are answered….bohut gussa arahahe….upar se wo fb ka page v dekh ke sardard horahahe k kya horahahe ye sab…i know dat who hav got offer wud definately get their der joining but its their duty na to clarify that whether july batch is full whether the remaining candidates will b on next batch etc etc jisko offer mila he unko joining nei milta jinko nei mila he unko milgaya…mere jese jitne v honge hum sabko hardin tension hota he k uska aagaya mera q nei aya kuch gadbad to nei hua na…etc etc thousand stupid things cums to mind…patahe.Ek bar clarify kardenge to hum v tension free hoke bethenge par nei….evenif patahe shanti se kuch padh v nei pati…computer science honours tha mera par iss chakaar me kuch v yaad nei aarahahe..sab naya lagrahahe…

    • hmmm dats tru… i can understand ur curiosity.. mera bhi next step me status ILP eligible tak hi dikha rha hai.. And mujhe joining mail 2nd july ko mila hai.. aur haan for any queries mail to kyunki mera bhi jo queries tha maine iss mail id pe bheja tha and they replied evrytym..pta ha wo chennai.ignite@tcs .com never replies so try the ilp email id.. and yes baat shi hai, dey must have clarified.. pta hai one of my frnds got offer letter on 24th june along wid me, but did not recv his joining letter yet… i can only say to you dat dont worry.. but seriously bahot tension hota hai agar kuch ko joining mil rha hai aur kuch ko nhi… anyways try to contact the ilp support by email or their toll free number.. its better u mail them.. I wish u get ur joining letter soon..

      • thanx buddy…. 🙂 hope kar kar ke koi hope v nazar nei arahahe…feeling frustrated….ne wez leave it gudluck for ur new life…..god bless u 🙂

      • D biggest reason y m so frustrated is not because i want to join earlier its because u guys r in july batch ….ur d ones whom i know not much but little.apart from u guys i dont know ne 1 of dem…liza di is also in july batch she was in big tension wen i said her dat i havent got yet…kher LUCK APNA APNA….lets c wat happens….


  60. @Senthilvel Balraj
    so you are saying that everyone will get offer letter in coming days?
    and if by any chance do u knw how the ignite ranking system works?
    btw i had got 52% in 12th but both of my interviews were awesome, do you think I have a chance receiving offer letter?

    P.S: I know I’m asking too many questions but I’ll be really grateful if you could help me out

      • thank you priscy

        actually I haven’t even got a call until now from tcs so I’m worried about receiving it now coz I’ve only applied for tcs until now

        I’ve heard that most of the people get selected who have given interview, is it true?

      • ohhk…. i have no idea abt dat… I got my offer letter but dint get any joining details…also after getting the offer letter I got a call frm TCS asking if I accepted d offer letter and I said yes.. but still dint get ny furthr mail !!

  61. @Amit pandey: I also got call from 044-6616-8497 on 28th June(Friday) around 10 in the morning, and I also missed the call. and I dont know that for what purpose the call was. did u have any word with HRs? what did they say??

      • @Amit Pandey: I hav called on that no. more than 20 times but different different persons received the call and they all replied that they dont know that for what purpose I was being called. That is why I am very tensed. If you had any word with HR then tell me that what did they say?

      • Hi friends,My status in next step portal is Application Received.What does that mean?but I didnt received any call or mail.In Next Step portal out of 5 3 columns were filled.I lost many oppurtuunity from many companies.I dont know wat to do.I am waiting more than a month but it should be worth ful one or it is waste

  62. guys hav u made ur team in ignite?????kisne konsa nam dia?????jaldi bolna me fatafat join karlungi or hum task karenge…..

  63. kahan he open source????i cant find it….fb hota to bolti frnd req bhej do.hehehe….seriously where is it?????or tell me i’ll make one team….suggest a name.

  64. @Surya: do you have any idea that how much time it will take to complete the selection process of ignite? becoz I have not taken admission any where and if I am not selected then my one year will be spoiled. they should inform us that whether the candidate is selected or not.

  65. anyone of you whom tcs guys had called on 28th june(friday) and told them that they are selected but due to some technical reason their offer letter is not sent and their offer letter is in process, anyone of you got offer letter????

  66. Hey frnz i got a call from TCS that “have i registered in next step portal or not…bcause in thier database it is not showing registered completely”…i checked in track my application its it showing in the last status as “application recieved” ..please help me out wats wrong …. i m damn nervous….

    • Don’t loose your hope may be u are selected… but the dam thing is that they are not sharing the actual status of people who attended the interview that they are selected or not

      • YEs…they said dat please complete ur application to get offer letter…m juz tensed when will i get it…. 😦

        i call on Nextportal help for my application status..they said itz all fine…dont wry…!!!!!!

      • My Interview held on 23rd May 2013 in Ranchi still I am waiting for offer letter or Joining

    • but it shows-Your application is being processed. Please continue to check your mails for further updates.
      and my id is blocked how do I GET it unblocked

      • Hi friends,what status will appear in open ignite website?bcaz if I log in,it doesnt shows any information regarding application process.But in next step portal my status is application received.What does it mean?becaz my interview was not so good.

    • Link is Working but still it shows”Your application is being processed. Please continue to check your mails for further updates.”

      What to do next

  67. Hi gys,
    Those who are already joined 19th july,, hows your life going on?
    Please share with us. And tell me one thing that you are deposited 50,000 rupees as a security money. Is it true or not?

  68. today i sent mail to tcs.chennai.I asked them abt my joining letter and they replied saying your father told us that u have received joining letter.but my father didnt recive any call from TCS.And again i got new mail from them saying “candidate who received their offer letter in June/July will receive their joining letter in DEC/JAN based on their participation in PEO”…nd guys PEO site is not working….and i checked my track is showing offer letter received and ILP eligible …guys m bit tensed …plz suggest me smthing like any num where i can contact..:(

  69. When I Send Mail to they reply this

    “Batch-1 selection process is complete and closed. For the next batch,
    offer letters will be sent from the third week of Aug 2013 ONLY TO

    Now what to do next

  70. @mit hav u enquired bout ur joining letter…???? r u sure u havent missed it????hav u checked ur spam????tumse jyada mujhe darr lagrahahe tumhara msg padh ke…good luck..hope for the best..

  71. me too guys….i also cant access my account….really m not satisfied wid the service of ignite..m vry dissapointed…the main thing is they are not clarifying wat the hell is wrong in our account y its blocked.when i called them earlier in july they said that who all are in 2nd batch there account is blocked but now i can see many of the people can access their PEO.i hav mailed them but they said to giv them copy of my offer letter but after that they dint reply m really disgusted by asking them thousand times..guys please you also try to mail them.if we mail them repeatedly and that to together i think they wud reply atleast once.plzz guys mail them…m also doing the same…

    • @Riya: I am also doing the same thing, and i have also mailed them so many times, but they didnt rply even once. dont know whats goin on..

      • when did u got ur offer rahul????was it on june or july????i got mine on 21st june.wat bout u???

    • but we also got offer letter na n dat to in june only….are u telling dat those ppl who hav now got their offer are accesing der PEO???

  72. @Riya : I have nit got offer letter yet, but i have got call from tcs. anyone have idea that till when the selection process of 2nd batch will be completed?

    • dnt worry wait for the offer they said na they will give in3rd week of aug so wait till dat if it doesnt come then call to the HR or mail them.i’ll also wait for another week if my PEO still remain blocked i’ll talk to ronit or tell my brother to ask the HR directly…

  73. no dear.arrey m still waiting.n bhai iz not in ignite nor hez a bsc student actually hez btech n d reason y i’ll tell my brothr is as he has got 3 yrs experience in tcs then he can directly call d HR n ask him about my matter.still he said to wait for some days if this problem persists this whole week then he wud talk to the HR.n dont worry if i get some news from him i’ll tell u…if u want u can gimme ur mailid or facebook account name i can contact u there.n i’ll wait till wed n after that i think i’ll talk to ronit.hez in ignite n i think he can helpme.

  74. guys who hav joined ignite on 19th july, pls ask to hr or any other member there that when the result for 2nd batch will be announce?? nd update here..

  75. today i got a mail from tcs ignite to book a test slot, how many of you got this type of mail? what does it means and for what purpose this is?

  76. hey frnz…just check out dis who are waoiting for offer letter:

    Kavita Rajput
    11:42 AM (10 hours ago)
    to Chennai
    Can i know whether 2nd batch selection process has been started or not as it is 3rd week.
    If not yet started then when we can expect it to start?
    Thank You!

    Chennai Ignite
    9:16 PM (1 hour ago)
    to me
    Batch-1 selection process is complete and closed.
    The candidates short-listed for the next batch starting in Feb-2014 will be
    intimated latest by the end of this month. Whoever does not get any
    communication after this date can conclude that they are not selected.
    Thank you
    Team Ignite
    Tata Consultancy Services

  77. @kavita: does it mean that we all have to go through the entire process again?? i.e. online test, phase challenge and interview?? why the hell they are taking the tests again?? anyone appeared for the test??

  78. @mit: i did not get offer lettr but i got a call from tcs in june. many of us including me got mail from ignite to book test slot. do u have any idea regarding this test that why they are taking it again?

    • Arijita,
      i have completed test with 12 out of 15, whtz next? please guide me.. i cant see anything like the status of application. whr i need to chech tht?

  79. I have completed Open Ignite test with score 22. So could anybody say how are my chances for getting an opportunity for attending TCS further rounds ?

    • I also Completed My test
      1st time with 10 score and
      second time 18
      what does it mean any one have idea, How they are marking us

      • @ Bhagee,Brijesh hi, may i know where r u from, I from vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh)I too completed two tests 1st time with 20
        and second time with 21. I think the score is for 30 Marks(15*2)

  80. I got call on 26th from tcs to create portfolio
    i created portfolio and took 2 tests(got 28 and 26) on 27th
    frm then when i open book test it shows there currently there are no tests available
    when i open “openlab” it shows “error in loading page”
    can any one have any ideas how to proceed further

  81. any one got offer letter for February 2014 batch?? becoz they told that they will send it to selected candidates by the last working day of August.

      • hi,do you remember when did u receive a call from tcs ,when did u submitted your application and you received your status as application received ,and with in how many days u got batched.(candidate batched in your status).

    • yup….. Registration id generated wala option gone…and i got Candidate batched on my track my app…

      and also got hall ticket generated for an interview which was already passed..i just now called on help line…hall ticket genration was technical error

    • yeah…but they replie on this on my mail:

      Kavita Rajput
      Aug 31 (3 days ago)

      to Chennai
      Hello,I gave my interview for Chennai ignite on 18th may,2013.
      Today morning i found changes in my next step portal.Please check it and can i know what does it mean.M totally confused.
      My DT ref number is: DT20131886516
      Thank you!

      Chennai Ignite
      Aug 31 (3 days ago)

      to me

      Offer letters to selected candidates will be sent in another five working days. Anyone
      who does not receive any communication from us till Sep-10-2013 can assume that
      he/she is not selected.

      Thank you
      Team Ignite

  82. @kavita: do u remember that on which date your status was changed?? can u share the help line no on which u made contact with them..

    • yeah…i checked on 30th august afternoon but there were no such changes and den i directly checked on 31st august morning near by 10.00 am …dat tym i saw changes on my next step…..

      and yeah….

      take this no….. and let me knw if u get any info plz

  83. did anyone get offer lettr for batch 2?? bcoz they were told that they will send the offer lettr to the selected candidate till august last.

  84. how many of you guys found change in your application status, is there everyone getting the same change, like “candidate batched’ and ‘Hall ticket generated’? if everyone is getting the same change in your status then it must be an error which is generated in TCS reruitment system, it doesn’t indicate that the candidate who found there status ‘batched’ or ‘hall ticket generated’ are selected. becoz only in my friend circle i know more than 20 candidate who got this type of changes…

    • you have to log in to your tcs ignite profile every day, join all the courses, watch videos, answer quiz, and also answer the questions given for the video tutorial. all these activities will give you some points, you just need to collect them in a large amount.

  85. I have registered to Open ignite today and booked 1st test on 16th December , 8 pm 2013…please help me with dis…how many tests to take and when would be my interview approximately?? Please help

  86. i am very much confusion about my career because i am continuing my 2nd year mca, also i got offer letter for jan 2014 batch.what shall i do , plz friends give me some suggestion.

  87. If i submit my open challenges now will i get a chance for the interview for april-june kolkata or is it over for this year

  88. hi am saranya. i have been shortlisted for TCS open ignite., but i dint complete open lab test, but they mentioned to bring a printed copy of your solution to one of the OpenLab challenges in the interview card. what shall i do now?? is am eligible then??

    • U can complete projects before interview date,, do it as soon as possible,, and take the print out of same with u,, and yes if u got interview call that means u are eligible, these projects are for ur benefit,, coz u will be judge on the interview, and ur quantity and quality of participation in openlab,,
      good luck,,

      • hey amit i have just faced my interview on 4th feb 2014 at ranchi,,and my interview was good,so have u any idea when they are going to publish result…and HR said to me as soon as submit your open lab solution actully i have only two solutions submitted i.g kick off1 and kick off 2…remainig project is very tuff, i cant solve so if u have solution of open lab plz send me id is

      • Amit
        i had given my interview on 4th feb at ranchi and my interview was good,,but HR said to me submit your open;lab solution as soon as,,i have submitted only two project (kick off 1 and 2) and remaining questions i cant solve bcoz it was very tuff…
        if u have those solution plz send me on my id:
        and i am still waiting my result , my next portal status is application recieved only still 3 rows are blank

  89. Hi guys i got the mail today stating iv been short listed for interview…in bangalore…how many rounds do i ahve to complete in interview….pls guide me on this…il b very thankful….!

  90. i got a mail from tcs stating that i have been shortlisted for interview… and its on 29th jan 2014 …….. still i have not submitted my project….. i did not find any link in my profile to submit it….. wat shd i do now ???? pls pls pls help me soooooonnnnn…. 😦

    • i have my interview on 29th jan……… temme abt the interview procedure….. reply soon frnds !!!!!!!! it vl be very useful………..

      • nothing to worry about interview..its very easy ..1st procedure only technical round which u had already given a test through online & then simple personal interview

      • mrityunjaymishra
        i had given my interview on 4th feb at ranchi and my interview was good..and HR said to me that submit your openlab challenge solution but i had only two solution submitted e.i kick off 1 and 2 challenge…
        still i am waiting my result…my next portal status is application received only…still 3 rows blanks….
        what to do …!!!
        if you have open lab challenge solution so please send me on id :

  91. I had my interview on 30th of jan 2014….and today I have got my application status as candidate batched and batched….what does that mean???please tell me friends……..what does that mean?

  92. Ya Thanks mrityunjaymishra.Does it mean that I am really selected if i got candidate batched and hall ticket generated??Will I get offer letter??? I am very nervous!

  93. No group discussion …….Its just HR and TECHNICAL roud…but very depth knowledge in any programing language is required.

  94. Any body can u please tell me what does “candidate batched ” mean in next step portal?Does dat mean anythng friends?

  95. hey friends….its me Ravi..
    actually i have just faced my tcs ignite interview on 4th feb…and my interview was good..
    so, i just want to know that when result will going to be published? have you all any idea about it all…
    and 1 request is please send me open lab challenge solutions if u any have …its urgent…

  96. have u guys recieved a mail from chennai.ignite related to online programming labs? i recieved this 10 days ago..m done with my interviews..

  97. Ya I went through it but i dint submit the java exam in dat code ground……and more over I think they do not consider that code ground test for selection process as it is only for practice purpose and increasing programming skills……

  98. yrsterday my status has rolled back from batched to applicationj received….what does that mean??many are getting the same changes…please reply..I am very tensed…It means I am not selected?

    • wait till 15th march…….todaay my status changed hall ticket generated for hte interview..but that doesn’t mean that i have to give that interview…so dude don’t care about all these.dude r u on facebook..where r u from?

      • Ya man 😦…..if ur on vats app ….iv my number 8277100707 please text me dude…its paining to death…….it was batched but shit it has changed to application received…vat sin iv made dude???? 😦

  99. Good work guyz in finding the bug.. But this time the tests have changed. Try to find some new bugs. 🙂

  100. I have applied for ignite 2015 batch which has just started..are these tests which are given in the are compulsory?? if yes,what is the minimum score to be called for the interview..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply Thanx in advance

  101. hi frnds pls reply..

    what is the minimum % required in 10 &12& degree to give interview in tcs ignite …..

    pls send its urgent.

  102. Hey guys those who are interested to know updates abt TCS ignite they leave their phone number.I will add u on watsapp group then we will share updates …..

  103. Hello,
    I finished my interview on jan 6th in sastra college and my friends who attend the interview they got offer mail from tcs but still i am not get any mail from tcs.when i am getting mail from tcs?plz help me.

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