ROCKMELT–not a browser a Wowser

RockMelt is a new browser which is based on Chromium open-source project . So you can find many similarity with Google Chrome.

Now the question lies why another browser. Ok, the first thing is RockMelt can be viewed as a social browser which comes Facebook integrated. Now let’s start with a screenshot and then explanation of it’s features.


After installation you have to login with Facebook then you are done. The browser takes care of the settings itself Smile .

1. Chat: The browser comes with Facebook chat integrated. you can expand and collapse the chat bar and also search through the contacts, Really useful.

2. Live News Feed: In the right side clicking the Facebook button Facebook news feed can be viewed and also many apps can be added as twitter, Gmail, Tom’s hardware and many more. Remember all the apps and extensions of Chrome is also available here.

3. FB Notification and Profile Picture: Clicking on the profile pic opens your profile page and beside them as usual three icons for viewing friend requests, messages and notifications.

4. New Post: There is also a New Post button by which you can direct post your status to Facebook wall/timeline of yours or on others.

5. Share Button: Using the share button one can directly post interesting site or blog or article he/she is reading.

6. Address Bar:  The address bar is same as chrome search bar with instant search. The only difference is you can directly type your fb friend’s name and send them message, visit their profile or directly post on their wall.

7. Full Size Ticker: When you open Facebook in the browser one major advantage is your browser chat is automatically disabled as you have chat running in RockMelt and the result end? Full size ticker. Open-mouthed smile

8. YouTube in Chat: when a YouTube link is sent or received via chat one can directly watch YouTube video right into the chat window.

9. Quiet Mode: Are you busy? doing some serious stuff? then enter quiet mode. You instantly go offline in chat and all the notifications are disabled. By clicking again you can exit Quiet mode.

The browser is amazing as fast as chrome. Do Facebook without opening Facebook Winking smile . A little resource is taken extra as few background apps are running, but not to be worried. Must say GIVE IT A TRY a really wowser. Life is becoming easier day by day Smile

****Currently available in Windows. LINUX version is rolling out soon till then hold your breath****


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